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Key People

Mulally Mylott Lawyers are based in Campbelltown and offer a unique, empathetic approach in dealing with our clients needs in areas as diverse as the sale and purchase of their homes or other real estate, their family law problems, setting up their business, buying or selling businesses or other assets, planning their estate and making their Wills, obtain probate and administering estates and bringing actions as a result of personal injury.

Feel free to call one of our team members and arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Mulally Mylott Lawyers has been part of the Goldbergs Group of Lawyers since 2013, which includes:

Goldbergs Group is lead by Michael Moore and the firm’s directors: John Turner and Rosa Guzel.

Finding a lawyer and understanding your legal options for resolving a situation can be a complex task.

With the Goldbergs Group, you’ll find an efficient and cost-effective approach to providing legal services.

We can use our experience to get to the source of your problem quickly, and identify a range of possible approaches and potential outcomes – often avoiding costly and stressful processes like litigation and trials.


Mulally Mylott’s approach to working with clients is both empathetic and practical.

For example, we anticipate and reduce potential problems that can arise during the purchase and sale of a property, such as default interest, vendor penalties, and the potential to forfeit your deposit.

We keep up-to-date with the latest conveyancing changes and take the time to provide sound advice that will protect you from potential issues and financial loss.

For clients looking to go into business we advise them about appropriate business structures and the pros and cons and costs of the alternatives.

For clients who have suffered personal injury we have accredited specialists with decades of experience to advise and act for them or their claims for compensation or damages.

If you have had the misfortune to have a member of your family die we sensitively assist in applications to the Supreme Court for probate and in the administration of the estate having done so for clients for over 50 years.

You can browse our range of expertise, find out which matches your situation, and choose one of our lawyers to discuss your requirements with.

We treat each client as an individual, and will work with you to set ideal outcomes, then proceed in an efficient way – avoiding costly and stressful actions, wherever possible.