Things you should know

  • Sometimes you don’t need to apply for a grant of probate, depending on your circumstances such as the value and nature of the ownership of the assets of the deceased.
  • Writing a high-quality will prior to death is the best protection against unnecessary expense and delay in administering an estate.
  • Some documents may qualify as a will even where a proper formal will was never prepared.  We can advise you about such issues if necessary.
  • Correct advice about alternatives on distribution of estate assets can have significant savings from a taxation perspective.

The Mulally Mylott Difference:

  • Generations of families around New South Wales have trusted us to manage their wills and estates.
  • We’re caring, compassionate and can provide simple, focused advice when you need it most.
  • We work with you to ensure that the process of the grant of probate and estate administration is done quickly and efficiently.

Why would you need this service?

Probate is the proving of a will.

A grant of probate authorises an executor (or executors) to manage the estate of a deceased person in accordance with the provisions of the deceased’s will.  

A grant of probate is made by the Supreme Court and you need to provide evidence to the Court to get the grant made.

Acting in an estate without a grant of probate exposes a person to personal liabilities for losses in the estate.

Where there is no will a grant of Letters of Administration is needed to deal with the deceased’s assets.